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Company Overview

The Company Overview Contacts Riku Rautsola, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer Gerard Fleury, EVP and CFO Gary McGarrity, PhD EVP Scientific and Clinical Affairs Address VIRxSYS Corporation 200 Perry Parkway, Suite 1A Gaithersburg, MD 20877 United … Continue reading

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Company Milestones

VIRxSYS has taken proof-of-concept studies performed at The Johns Hopkins University, completed its Phase I clinical trials in humans, and has initiated Phase II clinical trials in less than seven years. Company milestones are as follows: Date Milestone 1998 VIRxSYS incorporated … Continue reading

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Product Pipeline

VIRxSYS has developed a proprietary HIV-based lentiviral vector gene delivery system, from which the disease-causing aspects of the virus have been removed, leaving behind an efficient delivery vehicle. In order to provide a therapy against HIV, VIRxSYS has equipped the … Continue reading

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Investor Information

VIRxSYS has raised over $80 million through six rounds of financing thanks to the support of our investors.  Without their continued support and enthusiasm, the Company would not be able to develop technology that delivers on the promise of genetic … Continue reading

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Viral Vector Technology for Gene Therapy

Getting to the Root Cause of Disease Gene therapy is the treatment of hereditary or infectious diseases by repairing or re-engineering the genome. The therapy’s goal is to treat the genetic cause of disease rather than merely treating the symptoms. … Continue reading

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