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In this piece, we defined introspection, described the importance of self-reflection (especially healthy self-reflection), and provided many example exercises, activities, and worksheets for you to enhance your understanding of yourself. Keep in mind that self-reflection is an intensely personal process. Aug 15, 2004 · Most educators believe that reflection is useful in the learning process, even without the supporting research data. However, it is often difficult to encourage reflection among the learners. Gustafson and Bennett (1999) found that promoting reflection among military cadets by means of written responses in diaries or journals was difficult.

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Androgogy Reflection Adult learning began to be viewed as a separate field of learning in the 1970’s, when nontraditional students prompted by social context, demographics and technology began to seek continuing education or higher education in record numbers. Mar 03, 2015 · Reflection makes things matter more. Reflection helps us get comfortable with uncomfortable. It also helps us fail forward. It’s through reflection that we’ve discovered our greatest power as a writing community: our collective expertise and our willingness to encourage and celebrate risk-taking. Reflection helps us know ourselves better.