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Creating Environments for Effective Adult Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1991. Roger Hiemstra (Editor) New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Number 50, Summer 1991. Ralph B. Brockett, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Alan B. Knox, University of Wisconsin, Madison, CONSULTING EDITOR. JOSSEY-BASS INC. The Environment: Adult Learning - Creating an Environment that Supports Adult Learning. The overall goal of your program is to provide a home-like atmosphere that is warm, comfortable, and physically and psychologically safe. Spaces for adults—the front desk, staff areas, kitchens, etc.—are an important part of this environment. This lesson will focus on ways you can promote adult learning through your environment.

Mar 21, 2018 · For in-person professional development from TeachThought on how to create an effective learning environment in your classroom or school, contact us today. Wherever we are, we’d all like to think our classrooms are “intellectually active” places. Progressive learning (like our 21st Century Model, for example) environments. Highly-effective and conducive to student-centered learning. Following an overview of changing conceptions of adult learning environments, this ERIC Digest describes what it means to create an inclusive learning environment, examines some related issues, and presents some guidelines for structuring inclusive learning environments.

Using visual displays is a great way of creating an effective learning environment. Similarly, making full use of the resources available will help students who prefer a hands-on approach. One of the greatest resources you have in a classroom is the whiteboard.