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Adult Education Program. The Department's program includes a variety of courses for adult learners, with integrated programs and services in the areas of basic education, Hawaii adult community school diploma, family literacy, citizenship, workforce education and life enhancement. History of Hawaiian education. Education in Hawaii started as Hawaiian-language medium education. After the language was banned in 1896, it would not be heard in schools for four generations. The Hawaiian renaissance of the 1970s provided the spark to re-establish cultural and language-based learning. Share This.

Adult School in Hawaii with Education Program Summaries. Adult learning opportunities are available through 10 adult schools located throughout Hawaii and its islands. Continuing Education opportunities are available in a wide range of programs, courses, and services to meet the needs of business and industry as well as the community and special groups. Honolulu Community College has expertise in more than 25 specialty areas offered at the college.

When a “w” is immediately preceded by a vowel that begins a word (such as ‘Ewa), it is pronounced as a “v.”A “w” can also sometimes be pronounced as a “v” if it appears in the middle or toward the end of a word (such as in ka’a’awa).. To clarify pronunciation in Hawaiian words, several diacritical marks are . Waipahu Community School for Adults is comprised of five campuses with a number of sites located on both Oahu and the Big Island. Waipahu Community School for Adults is a place "Where Learning Never Ends," and, therefore, we are committed to serving our community's adult education needs.Thank you for your support and we hope that you will continue to utilize us as your community partner.

He continues to teach Hawaiian to community members unable to attend university, online, or adult education courses. He mentors former students who are non-teachers or students working for advanced degrees. He also works as a cultural consultant for literary, musical, and community projects, including local and international film and book projects. However, a Hawaiian language “renaissance” has occurred over the past 40 years, and today more people are interested in learning the language again. Hawaiian is being taught in language immersion schools, and one can even obtain a Master's degree in the Hawaiian language from the .