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If the ALJ uses the oral (bench) decision procedures, the ALJ will send a Notice of Decision – Fully Favorable. That notice will include the language “I announced the basis for my decision at the hearing held on (date). I adopt here those findings of fact and reasons.”. Feb 18, 2018 · A Fully Favorable Social Security Disability Decision A fully favorable Social Security Disability Decision means that your claim has been approved and your benefits will begin based on the date of disability that you claimed and that you will receive ongoing monthly benefits.5/5(1).

If a fully favorable decision is entered into the record at the hearing, the regulations require that the ALJ include as an exhibit, a document that sets forth the key data, findings of fact, and narrative rationale for the decision (see HALLEX I-2-8-19 B.2. below). After the Social Security Administration (SSA) hearing judge has made a decision about your disability benefits application, you will receive a Notice of Decision letter in the mail. There are two ways that the hearing judge may approve your application: either as a fully favorable or a partially favorable decision.

A. Policy — Fully Favorable Decision Without Hearing Oral (bench) decisions may be used for initial adult disability cases, and only when the ALJ decides that the case will be fully favorable. See DI 12010.041 for guidance for processing wholly favorable ALJ oral (bench) decisions. 4. If you believe the evidence supports a fully favorable decision for your claimant, you may submit a brief to us, preferably before we hold a hearing. You may also submit a proposed check sheet. Your brief should address each step in the sequential evaluation process (including any information on.

Receiving a fully favorable decision often follows months, if not years, of struggling to receive Social Security benefits and even after receiving a favorable decision, it may be months before you receive your first payment. There are a couple of reasons it takes some time to get your first check out to you. Apr 09, 2013 · Just recieved 'Fully Favorable" decision....now how much longer: Social Security Disability Advice. Just recieved 'Fully Favorable" decision....now how much longer. LezliG. New Member | 6 years on site | 13 posts. Hello, I filed for disability in 2010 with an onset date of 2009 (not sure why because I started getting sick in 2005 oh well.