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Symptoms of whooping cough may include: Coughing, violently and rapidly, until all the air has left the lungs and a person is forced to inhale, causing a "whooping" sound Sneezing. Symptoms of pertussis in adults may include: prolonged, severe coughing fits, followed by gasping for breath. vomiting after coughing fits. exhaustion after coughing fits.Author: Lindsey Konkel.

If Your Child Gets Treatment for Pertussis at Home. Keeping your home free from irritants – as much as possible – that can trigger coughing, such as smoke, dust, and chemical fumes. Using a clean, cool mist vaporizer to help loosen mucus and soothe the cough. Practicing good handwashing. Encouraging your child to drink plenty of fluids. Whooping cough gets its name from its most famous symptom -- a "whoop" sound you might make when you gasp for air at the end of a coughing fit. But it doesn't happen in all adults, so it's Author: Barbara Brody.

Feb 24, 2019 · Symptoms of whooping cough in adults may be determined through the three stages that an infected person undergoes. 15, 16 Catarrhal stage — Lasting for one to two weeks, symptoms may include sneezing, occasional cough, runny nose and nasal congestion.