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Although there is much more to be learned, research suggests that people with Asperger’s Syndrome have the same sexual interests and issues as people in the general population (Lawson, 2005; Henault, 2006).The bottom line is that adults with Asperger’s are as interested in sex as everyone else. Asperger's Syndrome has only been diagnosed for the last two decades; a lot of older adults don't even realize they have it. Yet Asperger's can have a profound affect on relationships and sexuality. Leading sex therapist Dr. Stephanie Buehler gives an overview based on her book Sex, Love, & Mental Illness: A Couple's Guide to Staying Connected.

Asperger's Syndrome; 5 Things You Should Know About Sexual Behavior and Asperger's Syndrome However, most people who suffer with the syndrome show interest in sex. Society's norms on sexuality will not be intuitive to the person with Asperger's.The subtle cues of dating and sexual relationships may be difficult to navigate. Asperger's syndrome colloquially refers to a high-functioning form of autism. Although it was once formally classified as a disorder separate from other forms of autism, Asperger’s is no longer.

Intimacy and Romance in NT-AS relations. towards other people are mentioned among behaviours which can lead to indictment of an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome. Attwood calls for sex education, also for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome to be given treatment programs designed for sexual offenders with appropriate modifications. Asperger Syndrome in the Bedroom * BACP Info Sheet G9 * , “Aspergers in Love Introduction Imagine the following scenario: as a sex therapist you have seen Mark and Sarah for an initial assessment, you are now working with them together in a follow up session. The couple have been married for a year and have presented with a total lack.

People with Asperger's syndrome (AS) have sexual urges just like other people do. However, there are several factors that must be considered when people with Aspergers begin to explore their sexuality and the social interactions that go along with it. Because people with high functioning autism may be hypersensitive to touch and may struggle with nonverbal communication, it's important for Author: Kate Miller-Wilson. Apr 07, 2015 · The question is; How do you think being a person with Aspergers Syndrome affects your sexuality, sex life, and experience of sex, both in reference to yourself and compared to others? You may answer as thoroughly or briefly as you wish. Thank you all in advance!