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Feb 09, 2019 · The Serotta name has been founded on a reputation of building the world’s finest bicycles. Introducing new models is not something they take lightly, or enter into for marketing purposes. Like every model Serotta has ever produced, the new Nove was designed using sound engineering principles and built from only the finest materials available. Serotta Design Studio's latest custom bike, constructed of Columbus steel tubing that improves upon Serotta's legendary Colorado Concept tubing, and customized to the customer's fit specifications. This is the new Serotta custom from top to bottom.

Serotta Bicycles: Beautiful To Ride And Behold! Serotta even CNC machines the bottom bracket and head tube to reduce excess material and weight without compromising strength. Make your dream machine a reality with the super-smooth, visually stunning Ottrott ST! Apr 30, 2011 · After checking my Serotta catalogs, your bike is a 93. The CR was designated as a Legend CR only in that year. In 94 Serotta reverted to the 'Colorado' name; Colorado Ti, Colorado CRL, Colorado CR, etc, to capitalize on the acclaim given to the Colorado tubing that helped make Serotta .

You can find out everything there is to know about my two new bicycles- Duetti and aModoMio by going directly to the company web site Serotta Design Studio or you can read more about the lead up below. My a modo mio bicycle. When I decided that I needed to build myself a new bike, that’s all I focused on. I wanted to make my one bike, “my. Sep 02, 2009 · Serotta wanted full cycling related focus, faster development and more range of control with composites in order to provide what they felt was the best all around product. With that in mind, the decision and investment was made to create Serotta Composites in Poway California. Serotta's Composites section alone is larger than most custom shops.