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AAA is an organization that encourages research on the biology and management of honeybee species found in Asia by providing a common platform to exchange knowledge and information.。. Jun 24, 2019 · The village of Huay Khun Phra has a number of Apis cerena beekeepers, all using traditional logs or simple boxes. Since their community took on this beekeeping in a larger way over the last six or seven years, they have seen much better fruit set with their coffee and tree fruit crops.Author: Michael Commons.

An Asian hornet nest has been located and destroyed by experts in the Tetbury area. The nest was found at the top of a 55 foot tall conifer tree. Inspectors from the National Bee Unit are continuing to monitor the area for Asian hornets alongside local beekeepers. However to date, no live hornets have been seen since the nest was removed. As beekeepers we care because the Asian Hornet loves to eat bees - an easily available source of fresh food. As anybody else we should care because the Asian Hornet does not just eat honey bees. The Asian Hornet eats many types of insects and those insects are the pollinators of our flowers.

Looking forward to seeing you at our event today “Managing the Asian hornet threat”. Tickets are £11. See you at: 12 Groom Way, Lenham, Maidstone, ME17 2QT, England. I am writing this article for 2 types of beekeepers. Firstly, for beekeepers who keep Apis cerana in Asia.I have heard there are many beekeepers using log hives in many Asian countries, especially in rural areas.. Switching to a pile box hive can increase productivity without increasing cost.

Asian hornet is a worrisome Invasive Species that will have a major impact on UK beekeeping should it become established here. Guidance for Schools Membership. Please see the current advice on Schools Membership. We want you to forge relationships with local schools in whichever way you choose. We are a group of over 130 hobbyist beekeepers who meet regularly to discuss beekeeping matters and offer advice and support to fellow beekeepers. Find Out More ASIAN HORNET.