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Jul 13, 2019 · You still have this one? I'm looking for the best quality source material of it. Actually I'm looking for any official promo video material. So if anyone has something please let me know. Prior to that, the only valuable resource was the Entropia Pioneers website (2003 – 2006), where the very first Maps and Charts were created. www.Entropia-Pioneers.kicks-ass.org will be remembered fondly by old school Entropians. Tragically their server crashed in 2006 and all the data was lost.

Jul 19, 2010 · Silver di Avlo. A virtual world living avatar within Entropia Universe created on 20th Dec 2002. Founded United People of Calypso with some of the best miners within the whole virtual universe of Entropia. Silver di Avlo is known for the sharing of information about mining and also producing some of the most useful theories on mining. Entropia Karten – Entropia city maps by Norbert Falco Gregory; Irken Invaders– soc site, some graphs; Jaxmap – Maps of the Entropia Universe; RCE Universe Forum; Strategy Wiki – basic Entropia guide; Zeroheroes – link portal; The AvaStar – Online newspaper for Entropia.

Dec 21, 2012 · Who remembers Entropia Reality, Entropia Pioneers Kicks Ass?.. things change over time. Nov 16, 2012 #13. mastermesh. For those of you that been playing since the old Entropia Pioneers days we know we've seen the ups and downs but i dont think i've seen a down mood like i see now. I've never seen the forums so borring. Latest update: 13-08-2019 04:47:22 (Local Time), Edit properties, Edit columns Empty fields mean either not applicable or unknown value. Descriptions may be .

When adding an amp: Black means the weapon is not affected by the selected amp type, Green means the amp is used at full capacity and Red means the amp is too powerful for the weapon. The maxed column indicates the profession level where the learning period has ended.. Effective damage: Effective damage is based on average damage and is corrected for the hit rate of a maxed weapon. Jul 01, 2018 · Remember when Entropia-Pioneers-kicks-ass.org existed?-----some of the stuff in here WILL outdate Arkadia's existence, but not the Entropia Universe Community itself, many of which are on Arkadia at any given point in time.