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Dec 21, 2012 · XPW - Freefall - Lizzy Borden Vs Veronica Caine - Buck Naked Match Some Naked Female wrestling enjoy. They didn't go through with the "Buck Naked" match at all. Sure she was naked, but the lights were out, so it doesn't really matter if she was really naked or not, nobody saw shit. XPW used the blackout as part of the "Enterprise screwing the fans over" angle because the .

Kaos vs. Angel Kaos vs. Chris Hamrick Johnny Webb vs. GQ Money The Sandman vs. Supreme (barbed wire, bed of nails, thumbtacks death match) (Sandman wins XPW Death Match Title) Lizzy Borden vs. Veronica Caine (buck naked match) New Jack vs. Vic Grimes (40-foot scaffold match) Psicosis vs. Evan Karagias Vinnie Massaro vs. Scott Snot. hardcore wrestling diva's!!! seen on wwf and ecw and the hardest of all xpw!!! celebrity wrestling match covered by all the top wrestling magazines if you loved wcw wwf aka ecw you will love this match from xpw! wrestling fans a must see!!! xpw xpw xpw!! and then watch both these girls naked on the beach in malibu calif!! baywatch style!

I found this site during the week and remembered it reporting a XPW at the Olympic. I miss live wrestling but know XPW is the worst (I went to there cards at The Sports Arena). I go back and forth thinking about it but deside about 6:45, I'll go. They then did the BUCK NAKED match that anouncer Ron Head (a good friend of mine. I think he's. Nov 14, 2016 · XPW was not acknowledged on the telecast, and the XPW contingent consisted of The Messiah, Kid Kaos, Supreme, Kristi Myst, Homeless Jimmy and Kris Kloss. XPW was fucking nuts. I remember when Bra and Panty matches were the thing back in the day, they pushed it and had a buck naked match. I kind of miss XPW.

Oct 23, 2002 · Also witness the war between Lizzy Borden and Veronica Caine as they meet in a buck-naked match. Strip your opponent naked and be declared the winner! Plus - XPW World Champion Webb defends his title against G.Q. Money and Kaos defends the XPW Televeision Title against Angel and Chris Hamrick in a Gauntlet match.3.3/5(15). Buck Naked Boxer Briefs feel smooth and stretchy to handle all your best moves on the job and after hours. Get 'em only at Duluth Trading! Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. Free Shipping on your order of $75 or more. $75 minimum order requirement applies to the order total before taxes, shipping, gift packaging, and gift cards. Location: P.O. Box 200, Belleville, 53508, WI.