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John Hagee Quotes Quotes about: facebook; twitter; googleplus; Homosexuality means the death of society because homosexuals can recruit, but they cannot reproduce. John Hagee. Christian, Mean, Acceptance "What Every Man Wants In A Woman / What Every Woman Wants In A Man". Book by John Hagee and Diana Hagee, 2005. Mar 28, 2017 · Did Pastor John Hagee Say that God Made Lesbians ‘Flat’? A quote from the founder of Cornerstone Church about the relative bust size of gay women was fake. These are not real quotes .

Pastor John Hagee had spoken against the proposed ordinance from the pulpit Aug. 4 and again on the Glenn Beck talk show Aug. 5. Pastor Hagee no longer opposes gay ordinance. 1 / 5.Author: Abe Levy. Pastor John Hagee says that if America does not defend Israel than God’s wrath and judgment will come directly down upon the heads of the citizens of America. John Hagee is a slick marketer who plays upon peoples fears and hatreds to make money and push his insane policy ideas. Peopho op. le wpose his ideas are damned according to him.

Aug 10, 2019 · Christian quotes on homosexuality “God’s faithfulness is proved not by the elimination of hardships but by carrying us through them. Change is not the absence of struggles; change is the freedom to choose holiness in the midst of our struggles.