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My wife spoke of being too tired last Sunday evening to spank me, but later felt apologetic about denying me a spanking on Valentine's day (not the romantic thing to do). So I was soundly spanked with a wooden paddle before we went to bed on Valentine's day. Very sweet of Author: Red. What a fun way to spend Valentine's Day. And as I mentioned in your other video, what a perfectly heart shaped bottom to spend it on. FC.

Cindy has never achieved, nor do I think ever tried, to make a red surrounding a white heart when using this. It is simply too much fun for her to spank all of my bottom, and the crack that separates, and to have me bounce around her lap, dance up a storm, and make music (owww) to accompany hr efforts.Author: Red. 3 Spanking Stories for Valentine’s Day I love writing stories about girlie bottoms (“hinies”, asses or tushies) getting spanked. Especially when the girl has behaved so poorly that the role play calls for that naughty girl to be put across someone’s knee.

Kinky girls can be the hardest to shop for, so here a few Valentine gift ideas for women who love being spanked. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Women Who LOVE To Be Spanked | YourTango toggle Author: Rebecca Jane Stokes. Feb 06, 2019 · Yo gotten sentenced to a good spanked bottom and it gotten carried out in the traditional way over father's knee, panties pulled down, hard on bare skin. That's how I gotten it from my dad. That's how I gotten it from my hubby. And that's also how my two daughters gotten it from me back in the day.

Valentine's Day is all about communicating your love for your spouse. Marital spanking has its place in the festivities. Husbands, give your wife a toasty spanking on this special day, and remind her that you love her. Wives, submit to the spanking with enthusiasm and let your actions speak of your desire to honor your husband with your gift of submission. Jul 06, 2014 · "Valentine's Day In July" My behavior earned me what I was looking for and within a few moments I was bottoms up across his lap getting spanked. It was a nice hand spanking and when it was done, well lets's just say that we both called out from work the following morning. XoXo.